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MIC Services


Metal Improvement Company's (MIC) services are used to enhance performance and extend the life of critical components, prevent premature failures and enable component designs to achieve their maximum performance. These include:

Controlled Shot Peening
MIC's controlled shot peening process is a cost effective and practical application used to reduce or eliminate tensile stresses resulting from externally applied loads or from manufacturing processes such as welding, grinding or machining. It is also an effective method to improve components formed using powder metallurgy.


Shot Peen Forming

Shot Peen Forming
MIC's controlled shot peening process can be applied to structures such as aircraft wing skins to create the curvature that enhances lift and efficiency and also to correct distortion of components following manufacturing processing.


Laser Peening

Laser Peening
The technique of laser peening induces a high precision compressive residual stress into key areas of a component up to 5 to 10 times deeper than other conventional cold working techniques.


Thermal Spray Coating Facility

Thermal Spray Coatings
A cost efficient wear resistant coating solution that is used to extend the life of critical components and offer protection against high temperatures, wear, corrosion and oxidation, it can also be used to restore parts to their original dimensions and condition.


Engineered Coatings

Engineered Coatings
Using MIC's expertise to establish the most appropriate coating for a component will enable the use of less expensive metals, improve part wear life and reduce maintenance costs, including Dry Film Lubricants, Parylene Coatings and Thermal Spray.


parylene example

Parylene Conformal Coatings

Parylene coatings are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, electronic and medical industries. These ultra thin coatings provide consistent conformal barriers that are suitable for components of all shapes and sizes and can even be applied inside crevices and recesses.

On-Site Processing

Onsite Services
MIC has the capability of performing on-site processing services Worldwide to help customers avoid the logistics and costs of shipping oversize components and minimising downtime.


IMR Test Labs

Material Analysis and Testing
IMR Test Labs offer the very latest in mechanical and metallurgical testing services including material testing, failure analysis, chemical analysis, weld testing among others, designed to ensure design and manufacturing integrity.

Isotropic Finishing (Superfinishing)

Isotropic Finishing (Super finishing)
C.A.S.E™ Super finishing is a highly successful process used to reduce micro-pitting, oil temperature and noise therefore extending a component's life and improve performance by removing surface asperities and promoting lubricant retention.


Wet Treatments (Anodizing)

Wet Treatments (Anodising)
MIC wet processing techniques improve atmospheric and chemical corrosive resistance and also enhance the application of paint primer and adhesives.


Protective Mouldings Peenflex

Protective Mouldings (Peenflex)
PEENFLEX damage and abrasion resistant mouldings are a simple but cost effective solution to the protection of component parts through the various stages of processing, lifting, moving, storage and despatch.


Architectural Finishes Peentex

Architectural Finishes (Peentex)
PEENTEX is a decorative textured finish applied by controlled shot peening which enhances metal components in architectural applications both aesthetically and practically.


Surface Measurement

Surface Measurement Capability
MIC can measure and characterise the shape and roughness of a components surface and advise customers on the most appropriate surface treatment or coating to apply to give optimum performance.


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